10 examples of how people were able to mentally and skillfully recreate a photo from the past

What could be cozier than flipping through a family photo album in a fit of nostalgia and looking at your favorite shots! But here’s another great way to touch the past — recreate your family photos! For example, you can get together with relatives or friends, take the most effective general portrait as a basis, and then compare the two resulting shots. Here are a few cases where people took just such nostalgic photos and did not regret it. 20 years have passed, but we still have the same fun
Dad decided to repeat his childhood photo with Santa
Three sisters after 37 years
Forty years later
I used to be very picky about food! For the 25th anniversary, my parents repeated their wedding photo
And then, and now we were forced to take a picture of our mother
Thanks to the hairdressers, I was able to repeat the photo from my yearbook!
Veterans recreate a group photo after 50 years
So much time has passed, but the younger brother needs to be looked after
Well, let’s run after old photos — you will definitely make as great!
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